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Mechanical & Plant Engineering

We provide our clients with consulting services on everything - from prototypes to series production. Your casting product from a single source - from raw casting to ready-to-install components.

Mechanical engineering puts a wide variety of requirements on parts and their components. The materials must permanently withstand corrosion, wear, heat as well as the most different mechanical stresses.

Basic requirement for the production of efficient components is the cost- benefit evaluation. The optimal selection of the material is, among other things, one relevant parameter, taking into account its suitability for production, e.g. cutting properties and weldability.

In order to meet these requirements, we develop, in close cooperation with our customers, the optimized technological and geometric design for this specific component. We also define the quality-relevant control parameters and generate the required specifications from this. Our production program includes parts in rough, pre- and finished-machined condition as well as welded assemblies. These can also be assembled to form components as a combination of semi-finished products and castings.


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