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Mechanical Processing

Mechanical processing plays a central role in our company's catalog of services. With new and efficient machining technologies, we manufacture everything from raw castings to ready-to-install stainless steel components. We appreciate challenges such as highly complex component geometries. With individual and customised solutions, we fulfill our customers' high expectations.

We offer our customers a wide range of options for pre-machining and finishing up to ready-to-install components. Thanks to large welding turntables, we are also able to manufacture complex components using construction or joint welding.


With our CNC-controlled turning centers and many years of machining expertise, we produce:

  • Steel parts with hardnesses of up to 66 HRC
  • Large parts with diameters of up to 6,300 millimeters
  • Stainless steel casting weighing up to 50 tons

Drilling and milling

With four modern boring mills all possible drilling and milling operations can be processed. The CNC drilling machines offer traverse paths of up to 8,000 millimeters in the X-axis and 2,500 millimeters in the Y-axis. In this way we achieve:

  • Greatest variety of services in processing
  • State-of-the-art online connections with the programming center
  • Precise drilling and milling with the highest precision

Special processing

Thanks to a big network of cooperation partners, we are able to offer many processing variants from a single source:

  • High-performance machining
  • Gear milling and/or
  • Gloss turning

The precise assembly of individual cast products takes place on assembly workstations. Consequently, ready-to-install cast stainless steel components are provided from only one single source.

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