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Qualified Procurement

SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH GUSS GmbH supports its customers not only as a producer of high-quality cast steel, but also as a competent service partner in procurement.

For customers who, due to the nature of their products - such as less complex geometries or rather simple material requirements - are faced with an increasingly price-challenging environment, production "made in Germany" is often too expensive and not urgently required in terms of quality.

In order to be able to continue to offer these customers the full range of stainless steel castings at attractive prices, we established "qualified procurement" as a further mainstay at an early stage. 

A profound network of national and international suppliers has been built up and qualified over the years.

In the case of parts from third-party production, the strict quality requirements are ensured through on-site controls and supplier audits. In addition, all traded products are subjected to a strict quality check by in-house experts in Germany before delivery to the customer and, if necessary, reworked.

If, in exceptional cases, externally procured parts cannot be delivered on time, the order can still be carried out in-house.

By doing this we guarantee our customers reliable services.

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