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Stainless Steel Foundry

From model making to finishing - everything from a single source

Many years of experience and expertise are important success factors to achieve optimal casting technology.

In our pattern shop, the casting patterns are made and the casting technique is applied. Adjustments and repair of existing patterns are also part of the range of tasks. 

The cores that later define the inner contour of the cast part are manufactured in the core-making shop. The following production steps are carried out here: filling, hardening, finishing and insertion.

In the fettling shop, the raw casting is freed from the casting technique and surface unevenness is eliminated. There are four different steps: blasting, burning, pendulum grinding and cleaning.

The heat treatment of steel casting is a process step for setting the manufacturing and usage properties.

Finally, the cast parts are welded, we differentiate between construction welding and production welding.


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